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Voices 2This is the second piece in a series of arrangements around the question of the role of voices producing spatial difference and distance, or rather proximity. In Voices 2, a basic spatial envelope is created by a modular synth through a virtual space configuration. This envelope is the foundation of an interplay of two voices, counterpointing each other within this space. With one voice being a human voice and the other one a bass clarinet, we want to discover the idiosyncrasies of each voice, and at the same time the potentials of their interplay. How do the different materialities of the voices (human voice and bass clarinet) create different meanings in space? How do they create proximity and distance on their own? How are they using their interplay to do so? And how can they appropriate the acoustic response of the modular synthesizer, created by the virtual spatial conditions?

Martina Buzzi
Nicolas Buzzi (Modular Synthesizer)
Li Tavor (Vocals)
Miao Shuyue Zhao (bass clarinet)